At Coal Trail Greenhouse we offer the following:

  • Bedding plants: Over 480+ from seed grown right here and 280+ other varieties of bedding plants from other growers in Alberta and British Columbia.
  • Tomatoes: We have about 10 different varieties of tomatoes, which we grow them from seed here.
  • Herbs: We have approximately 20 varieties to offer that we grow here.
  • Pre planted "Grab & Go" speciality containers: There is no need to get dirt under your nails. We offer Unique and interesting planter selection ready for Mothers Day gifts.
  • Hanging Baskets: 10" & 12" unique plant combinations of hanging baskets, with over 1400 + variety to choose from.
    What sets ours apart from everyone else's is we add slow realize fuetilizer and a gel formulated to hold water, which helps the baskets from drying out as fast.


We use a growers medium, Promix from Central Alberta, in all our baskets and containers. It isn't actually soil, but it provides the best onetime to grow plants with healthy roots. It has no nutrients, this is why we stress to furtilze, every 3rd time watering.

All our hanging baskets also have a water holding gel and slow releases fuetilizer in the every basket.

Promix is available to purchase.